Day to Day Items

Outstanding Sewing repairs for you

Choose Stitch It & Fix It for custom-made day to day items and leather repair.
A royal blue messenger style bag with aqua and red strap

Day to day item repair

At Stitch It & Fix It, we not only provide heavy duty sewing repairs we also carry out repairs to everyday items, Check our Facebook page for a better idea of the range of items we repair and manufacture. If you have a specific design in mind, we can help make that a reality. 
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Pick Stitch It & Fix It for

  • Coat and handbag repairs
  • Pet accessories, beds and leads
  • Leather goods repaired
  • Tent bag repairs
  • Rope, cord and twine
  • Covers for garden furniture
         Contact us today to discuss your requirements.
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A canvas director style chair

Day to day item repair

An Iron Maiden rucksack
Leather boots ready for repair
A blue cavas bag with long strap
Do you need quality Sewing repair services?
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